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With a Bitter Coffee Taste

Blog Name:  A Bitter Coffee Taste

Category:  Personal Blog

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Blog Introduction

  Hello, I'm  Yusuf Arslan  I would like to introduce you my personal blog . Let me first talk about myself. I am a mechanical engineer. I had the opportunity to visit many cities such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Moscow, Tallinn. I like to get to know people from different countries, their lifestyles and cultures.  I was in Sweden as an Erasmus exchange student during my university education  . I set up my blog to share the memories I had here   . 

  I have been writing my personal blog for three years. On my blog  , I share travel writings, book and movie reviews  as well as  my daily experiences  . The first rule of being a blogger is to write regularly. Being aware of this, I continue to write.

  I am waiting for you in my next articles for a nice conversation with a hot coffee by your side…   If you ask , "Does he who reads a lot or does he who travels a lot?",  my answer will be those who read a lot. 

Content from the blog:

The 9-Year Adventure of a Cactus


I bought it with great enthusiasm in the excitement of having the experience of looking at a plant for the first time. Feeling a great responsibility, I had set my mind to take care of the cactus for years from the first day I bought it.  In the beginning, I spent researching on the internet and reading about the experiences of plant lovers who used to grow cactus at home. When he got home, it was just a tiny lump of something. Although he seemed a little shy at first, he later got used to it. He likes to walk around the house. He likes to be by my side every now and then. I'm kidding of course. :)

I have seen that the experiences you have gained while trying to grow plants, rather than the information you read over time, give more productive results. In a way, this can be called a trial and error method. For example, at the end of the first year I bought the cactus, they said it wouldn't bloom because it was too small, and at the end of the first year, one flower bloomed. I read that cacti bloom 1-2 times a year in the following years, but I saw that my cactus bloomed 4-5 times a year, even 6 times. That's why experience seems to be more important to me.

When I first looked at the cactus, it coincided with the period when I was a student at the university, so I put it in the corner of my room in a student house.  Believe me, for years, I used to take it by the window during the day and inside at night, and I was constantly changing its place. Gradually, I realized that it is not good to relocate the plant so often. Over time, it felt better to keep his place in a more stable place. This may include setting a specific location seasonally.

You can be a little comfortable with watering. I know that at first, I squeezed the cactus and watered it once every 1-2 weeks. Over time, I have found that watering once every 2-3 weeks and sometimes even once a month is more beneficial. I think that the irrigation frequency should be reduced considerably, especially in the winter months compared to the summer months. The reason for this is not only because the plant will require more water than the heat in the summer; In addition, you can understand that the plant enters a period such as a dormant period during the winter period, by seeing that it shrinks and the thorns dry up. It is for this second reason that reducing the frequency of irrigation does not harm the cactus, but to its advantage. I realized this in the winter, when the cactus blooms after such a dormant period. If I continue to water the cactus frequently during this dormant period, the cactus will be disturbed all the time, maybe it will stay green, but it will not bloom. That is, the cactus should be regularly watered, relocated, etc. written in the plant care directives. I understood that it should not be disturbed by applications such as

Sometimes they ask me how you have been taking good care of your cactus all these years. Or they ask how you make your cactus bloom so often. Believe me, I don't know exactly either. I can say that I understand the language of the cactus a little bit. He realized that I love him too. There were days when we forgot each other, and there were days when I took it by my side. But despite everything, he didn't get offended with me. She continues to show her love by constantly blooming.


*You can see the development of my 9-year-old cactus in the photos below.

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