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Blog Introduction

Detailed up-to-date information on visa applications from many countries.

As a Visa Teacher, people who want to travel abroad must obtain a visa to enter the country they are going to. Usually European countries, UK, America etc. countries require visa for entry permit from us. Some countries do not require a visa in accordance with the agreements made. You can travel to these countries without a visa. When you visit my site, you can reach all the information you need to know about visa application in detail. New countries will be added day by day. You can easily access detailed information about the visa application requirements and the required documents and how to proceed. Among the passport types, it has colors such as Green, black, Gray and burgundy. Each passport has a specific feature. For example, Green passport holders can stay in Schengen countries for up to 90 days without requiring a visa. Normal passport (Bordeaux) Every Turkish citizen can easily have it. Its duration is at most 10 years. It is recommended that you remove it for at least 1 year, depending on the nature of your application. 

I am trying to explain the professionally prepared information in Vize Teacher to the finest detail for our valued followers. Application tracking is a very difficult and tedious process for those who do not have knowledge. The more knowledge and experience you have, the easier you can do your transactions. Let me briefly give you some important reminders for the Greece visa. It will be very useful for you to understand the logic of the business. 
Example: You have made a travel plan to Greece. You have a burgundy passport valid for at least 3 months (90) more than your return trip, you will go by your own vehicle, you will stay at the hotel and return to your country after 7 days. Let your travel dates be 10. 11.2015 - 17.11.2015. Now what path should you follow? 
We start the application process through the institutions affiliated to the Greek consulate where you reside in your duty area.

Completely fill and sign the Greece visa application form
You should make a photocopy of the first picture page of your passport, and a photocopy of your Schengen visa obtained within the last 3 years, on the A4 page.
Photocopy of your identity card
Your full-fledged population registration sample
2 of your biometric photographs in the size of 3.5 - 4.5
Photocopy of the license of the vehicle you will travel
Your reservation from the hotel where you will stay (it is recommended to be unpaid)
Your Travel health insurance that covers the duration of your trip.
Payroll employees for the last 3 months
To prove that you can cover the expenses you will make abroad, you should have your current dated bank statement with sufficient balance ready.

As in the example above, it is extremely important that you prepare complete documents in this and similar order. The requested documents differ according to the person's job and income status. You will reach the information you want from my visa teacher and you will easily  have detailed information as Greece visa , Bulgaria visa, Austria visa, Spain visa, Italy visa and many more countries will be added.

Example article from blog content:

How to get a France Tourist visa


You can apply for a visa for your touristic trips to France. As with other tourist visa applications, it is extremely important to prove your trip to France with documents. From a consular point of view, the applicant is planning a trip to Paris, France. This person asks you to prepare the required documents as standard, such as when will he arrive, what means of transport will he come, where will he stay, does he have enough money for travel expenses, does he have travel health insurance against possible accidents. You can think of 50% of your money in the bank as 50% of the documents showing your job and income status. It's time for other doubts of the consulate, how does the person make a living in his country, does he work, is he retired, is he a business owner, They want to learn your employment status and economic situation in order to find out whether you are a refugee for France, that is, whether you are a potential refugee by dividing them into classes such as a student or a housewife. Your answer Example: I am working at the following workplace, I have the employer confirm that I am on leave for the travel dates, I have been working for this long, my economic situation is sufficient for the trip I will make. Now it is time to prove them with documents.

Workplace documents required for France tourist visa application for employees

  • Activity certificate of the workplace, 
  • signature circular, 
  • rummy newspaper, 
  • tax plate, 
  • Permission document showing the days off for your trip, 
  • SSI employment entry declaration, 
  • Salary slips of the last 3 months, 
  • Stamped signed document on the letterhead of the workplace that you will continue to work at the workplace after returning from travel 
  • Your SGK 4a service breakdown 

It is extremely important that the documents are up-to-date and that the documents requested on the letterhead are stamped and signed by the workplace. If you are making a travel plan with your spouse and your spouse is a housewife, you should add one photocopy of your business and income documents to your spouse's file, and also add a petition to your spouse's file by writing a petition that all expenses of your spouse will be covered by you during your trip to France.

In the example above, a person working in a workplace is shown as an example. These documents differ depending on your situation in working life. This subject will be examined in more detail in the following sections. Now it  's time  to prepare your travel plan for France tourist visa .

How to prepare a France tourist visa travel plan

First of all, it is extremely important to prepare a travel plan before applying for a visa. This is a procedure required by the consulate for all visa applications. It is very important that there is no contradiction in the dates, which should be prepared with care. An example of this is showing a 4-day stay for a 10-day trip. 

  • Proof of transportation: The flight reservation must be shown as the first day of the date you enter the country. Your return date must be shown on the specified day.
  • Accommodation document: The hotel reservation must show the days you will stay in the country and the date must be compatible with the flight reservation.
  • Travel health insurance: It should be covered by 30000 € against possible accidents during your stay in France, and it should be compatible with the dates in your travel plan.
  • Passport: Your passport with at least two blank pages, valid for 3 more months from the return date of the requested visa.
  • 2 biometric photographs (must meet the criteria required by the French consulate in particular.
  • ID photocopy (one page on an A4 page must be the same percentage. Note: It is extremely important that all documents are in A4 size and without holes. Otherwise, it will be invalid and a new one will be requested from you.
  •  If you have a Schengen visa you have received in the last 3 years, its photocopies
  • The France visa application form must be personally signed and filled in completely.

An example France itinerary

You have made a travel plan to enter Paris, France on 10.06.2016 and leave on 17.06.2016. A flight reservation to Paris on 10.06.2016 in accordance with these dates should be made as departure and return on 17.06.2016. For accommodation, the reservation must be prepared at the hotel on 10.06.2016, and for accommodation reservations must be made so that the check-in and check-out will be on 16.06.2016. You must have travel health insurance covering these dates. It is extremely important for undesirable situations where reservation fees are not paid. (for example, if your application is rejected) If you apply 15 business days before your travel date, there will be a time limit for possible delays. If you are going to apply for a visa yourself, you should obtain up-to-date information and be extremely careful. You can minimize potential problems by using professional visa tracking service. 
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