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Traveler Kruk

Blog Name :  Traveler Kruk

Blog Type:  Rich content (Travels, know-how, backpacking, survival, art, philosophy)

Blog link:  https://gezginkruk.blogspot.com.tr

Blog Introduction

Blog introduction: Greetings, from my 7 years of hitchhiking experience, from my free hitchhiking journey from Turkey to South Korea, after crossing more than 20 countries, Iranian deserts, Gobi desert, China, Staying in occupied homes, learning to survive without money, to hunt, After the road was my whole life, my travelogue exceeded 300 pages, and I had accumulated terabytes of photos and videos, I decided to blog.

Behind my traveling identity, I am also a trained Tattoo Artist, Fine Arts student, licensed mountaineer, and someone who is interested in martial arts and music.


So far, alone, without using free buses or planes, without support to countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Mongolia, China, South Korea, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Croatia I was able to go by hunting and surviving when necessary.

There is a detailed description in the about me section of my blog.


The content of my articles is completely original, I publish my own experiences. I will explain the backpacker life, which is an alternative life style, to those who want to go on the road, to those who need technical knowledge, how to become a backpacker, how money comes out of a need after acquiring the necessary materials and equipment, with the articles I will publish in line with my experience. I invite you to my blog, stating that I will publish new, legible and engaging articles every week according to interest.
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