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The Sel Project / Beauty and Care

 Blog Name:  The Sel Project

Category:  Beauty & Care Blog

Blog Link:  http://www.theselproject.blogspot.com.tr/

Blog Introduction

Hello, I'm Selina! 

  I am a Business Administration student at Özyeğin University. After following various foreign and domestic Youtube pages for a long time, I started to have a great interest in makeup. I wanted to open my own page and share this interest with my readers. On my page, you will find my ideas about various makeup ideas and makeup products. Besides, I didn't want to write only about makeup on my blog. I will write whatever interests me in this tiny corner of the internet that belongs to me. Sometimes I will share my favorite recipes, sometimes I will tell about the places I have visited, and sometimes I will give information about my daily combinations and shopping. 

  My purpose in my blog is to get rid of the daily hustle and bustle and spend some time with myself, to transfer my thoughts to my page, and at the same time, to allow you to put your troubles aside for a short time while reading them.

  I would be very happy if you follow my page. I will also organize raffles in the future, you can follow and be informed about the draws.

Part of the blog content:

Hello everyone!

I was trying to stay away from the negative reviews I heard about H&M cosmetics. Some said their headlights were very unpigmented, some said their performance was very unsuccessful for their price, and what I heard always pushed me away from these products; however, when I entered H&M the other day, I couldn't stay away from the cosmetics department and of course, as every woman does, I bought four eyeshadows even though I didn't need them myself.


I preferred to buy colors that I can use in my daily make-up, which are not too dark. When I tried very dark colors such as purple and black on my hand, it did not give a very high pigmentation. The colors of the products I have are  Cocoa Mauve, Act Your Beige, In the Red and Orange Ocher. 1) Cocoa Mauve


Cocoa Mauve is a brown with slight hints of plum. It is an ideal color to apply to the outer part of your eyelid in your daily make-up. The pigmentation is very good and it does not powder at all.


2) Act Your Beige


When buying Act Your Beige, I thought it would be a plain light brown shade and apply it to the crease of my eyelid; but when I got home and swatched it on my hand, I saw that it had quite a golden shimmer in it. That's why I chose to apply it all over my eyelid. It turned out more golden than in the picture below, normally more brown. Although the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is not very good, it is good and does not cause dusting.


3) In the Red


I bought this eyeshadow thinking that I could combine it with many tones such as gold, white and brown. My favorite way of application is to apply orange ocher on my eyelid, a light brown on my crease area, and in the red on my outer area. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is very good and does not cause dusting.


4) Orange Ochre


Normally, I would never use a pale color like orange as a headlight, but h&m has created such a beautiful orange that I would have lost my mind if I didn't buy it. I mentioned above how I applied this eyeshadow, like other headlights, orange ochre has a very good pigmentation and does not cause dusting.

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