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As you know, Apple was working with Samsung and TSMC companies on processor production. 30% of the production was made by TSMC and 70% by Samsung. But Apple Flash is preparing to disable Samsung for the production of the A10 processor by making a decision!

Why Did Apple Take Such a Decision?

According to the tests made by Apple, the processors produced by TSMC were better than the processors produced by Samsung in terms of battery consumption, by a very small margin. There may be such a move to eliminate this difference in Apple iPhones and iPads.

Of course, no official statement has been made about this yet.

Blog Introduction


First of all, as you guessed,  Teknodozz is a technology blog  . I will share this hobby, which is also my job, with my friends who like technology and enjoy following technology. Take a look even if you don't like it, maybe you will like it this time :) I will share fun posts from every field of technology as much as I can and I will try to help you in a clear and concise way on the issues you are wondering about. Everyone reads the articles that give information to gain information and new thoughts about that subject, and it is very important that what they read creates something in that person's mind. Therefore, I think it is very important to be understandable in such an endless and complex branch. I hope I can be :) 

So what will the content of my blog be like? Generally, your questions about the most interesting products of leading brands will be answered. Apart from product introductions, we will touch on everything that may be of interest to a technology  lover/follower, such as current technological developments, games, new devices, services and even the effects of technology on our health  . On my site, which I think you will like and enjoy, I attach great importance to your ideas, opinions and participation while doing these. Therefore, please let me know about topics that may be of interest to you or that you would like to read. via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  @teknodozz

 You can reach all my articles and current news via the Teknodozz Facebook page and the Teknodozz Twitter address, where current news is shared moment by moment, by following his account, and then you can convey your views to me.

Many thanks in advance for your interest :)
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