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Professor's Diary

 Blog Name:  Professor's Diary

Category:  Personal Blog

Blog Link:  https://www.profesorungunlugu.com/

Blog Introduction

Hello friends, I started my internet life not as a personal blog, but by establishing the first forum. Of course, social networks were not popular in Turkey at that time. Everyone was passing time and sharing on the forums. Thanks to the forums, I have made many friends. I still have contacts. Over time, as the use of social networks increased, the participation in the forums decreased, which caused the death of the forums for a certain period of time. 

After the forums were out of date, I decided to open a blog. Of course, this blog was not a personal blog. It has become a site built mostly on phone technology. I created a lot of mass with this site until I banned my adsense site. When the reason was very simple, I decided to close the site completely.

profesorun% 2Bgunlugu

Until last year. I saw that I was tired of the nonsense and fake news on social networks. I decided to share the truth that I know in a blog address if anyone reads me. This is why I bought the domain profesorungunlugu.com. Although I first started the blogspot domain, then I switched to a private domain. Things are going well right now, friends, many people come and visit my site every day and express their comments.

I try to include certain categories in my personal blog so that my visitors do not get lost and they can access the right information directly. I have beautiful categories such as my main categories, book promotion, movie and TV series impressions, general news, social events, travel writings.

If you have read this article, please welcome to my blog. I would be very happy if you let me know about my shortcomings.
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