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Pearls from Ruhsa

Blog Name:  Pearls from Ruhsa

Category:  Current issues and Far East TV series (personal blog)

Blog Link:  https://ruhsa.blogspot.com.tr/

An article from the blog content:

I dive into the subject by saying that you can reach the subject of the 100 Days My Husband series  by clicking here  .
In Ankara, I will be more Ankara than Ankara, at this rate sjsjs 😁.

Nam Ji Hyun  shares  the  lead roles with Exo  Do  and my  Suspicious Partner . I wanted to take a look at it with the head. Oh, what should I see, a series opposite of my thoughts came out, both fun and romantic. What is the prejudice?
The harmony of the two was quite sufficient, there was a situation that stood out neither too badly, this couple, who were compatible with each other, reached the standards in my eyes.

The flow of the story  was so beautiful that the process that developed after Do lost his memory was so good that especially  Nam Ji Hyun 's Bogchu (meaning idiot) is still in my ears. The couple's marriage and their relations with their neighbors after marriage are mentioned one by one in the story,  Nam Ji Hyun 's older brother is all the way to the end It was one of the good parts of the series that it didn't stay bad but protected them😍.

There was no profit in what Do 's wife in the palace did, so they said, whatever you do, you will make stones even for Erol Taş, who is the embodiment of evil.
While I was watching the series, I was so engrossed and enjoyed watching it that I forgot to take the lines. (Although this line is very complicated, I don't get the lines of a production that I don't like because I don't like it.
Anyway, after this little public reproach, I would like to add that it  was a very balanced series with comedy, action, drama and romance.
You know, it takes place in the old days, don't say that this series does not come out (I said so).

Blog Introduction

Who is Ruhsa?
I can hear you saying, "Is she crazy, what kind of name is that". Who am I? My name is merve. My name is merve.

Where did this blog business come from?

There is an order for everything in life, listen to what you say now; Although I opened my blog in 2013, I did not share any articles and pictures, and then I forgot that I even started a blog later on. But one day (September 2017) my brother said +You had a blog at the table, what happened? A lightning bolt went off in my mind. Yes, I had a blog, so let me see what happened, 2.5 months passed and I found myself writing an introductory article here.

My blog is about the Far East and South Korean TV series in general terms.

Why the Far East or why South Korea?


Sometimes I think about it myself, where does this love come from, let me tell you right away;

It's 2009 or something, and a TV series is being broadcast on TRT. We started with my sister, how we started watching this series, the channel wouldn't change when it was going to start, so there was already a television in the house and we would have seized it, you see. Anyway, that's how I met South Korea, and then my tastes in life changed when I learned that there are many TV shows besides the prince of my dreams, Haa! Later, I became interested in not only South Korean but also other Far East TV series. Well, of course, we got into this business, sir, those who know know south Korean cinema is such a thing that you want to watch a movie or series, you want to watch another one, then another one… at least that's what happened to me.
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