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One Piece of Aysima

Blog Name:One Piece Aysima

Blog Category: Personal Blog

Blog Link: www.biradetaysima.blogspot.com

An article from the blog content:


      You must have a dream in life that you can achieve. The path of your dreams may be near or far. It's okay if it's possible. You don't have to stop running to feel truly alive. If you are breathing, you must truly live life. When you get tired, you should rest, then continue running at full throttle. You must have an ideal that you will always strive for. Regardless of your job or position.

      Life is at peace with those who want something of themselves. If you stop expecting or wanting things from him, he will be offended at you. Therefore, first you will dream, then you will strive, and then you will want the reward of your labor. Unfortunately, life does not treat everyone equally. Some are born in an apple orchard and reach all kinds of apples whenever they want, some are born in arid lands, they try all their lives to have an apple before they die. Of course, everyone wants to be born in an apple orchard. But ask the owner of that garden, is the apple sweet to him? The value of something you already have is never the same as the value of what you strive for. Ask those born in dry land and you should ask about the apple. Is it really an apple or honey, the apple of the tree that it sowed its seed, gave its life water to, looked after and grew? 

But if the one born in arid land had given up on the apple from the beginning, would he enjoy life? The taste of life is hidden in working and trying. You need a reason to say you're alive. You must know what you are living for. It is a wonderful thing to be aware of this and to be shaped according to this thought. First of all, you have to know yourself. You should know what kind of person you are, what you like, what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. Because the dream you finally achieved will tell you. You should also consider whether you want what you dream of for yourself or for your environment. This is a very important point. Because the dreams you have to fill the eyes of others deflate like a balloon. When the applause ends, all the sparkle in you disappears. If you have achieved something for yourself, you will always shine brightly even if no one applauds. 

      I really wanted to do a master's degree. I've been interviewing for months. Everyone had confidence in me and they expected me to take the rope and return with the flag in my hand. The result is frustration. I couldn't win. Everyone said try again. Of course I would try. I had three more interviews. All hope was gone before I got to the last one. I was sad that I couldn't say I won to anyone, not for the love of being an educator that burned inside me. It has become a matter of pride for me now. I was starting to say that I wouldn't care if something went wrong after I win, prove myself. What stupidity! My shoulders were low in my last interview. It wouldn't. A month later, I was going to change city and start a new life for myself. I was always making plans for this. So much so that I forgot to even look at the interview results. One day, in a house full of guests, it suddenly occurred to me. It wasn't going to happen, but it was necessary to look at the results anyway. At least I knew what reserve I was on in the others, and I should have known in this one too. I forcefully downloaded the results list and opened it reluctantly. How? I had won. Really? I couldn't believe it. I also checked on another phone. I really won. I started crying in public. At that moment, I wanted to kiss myself on the forehead for something that everyone accepts very simply. I did not immediately understand the situation. After a while, it started to flood my head. It had happened. I had taken the first step on the road I had dreamed of, I had broken the first lock of the door. An extremely difficult road was waiting for me, I was aware of it. But I didn't care. I would have tried even if I couldn't reach it. I would never bow my head to myself. But I did something that I never expected from myself. I didn't tell anyone. Before I won, I always said, "If I win, everyone will hear it, I will share it everywhere". It didn't happen, I didn't dare to tell anyone. Two months later, everyone knew. I got very nice congratulations. There was even a response from people I would never have guessed. Of course, these made me happy, but I realized that I only wanted this for myself. Even though no one knew about it, this success made me happy. It's not for the applause of others. I said ok, I'm on the right track. My dream is my "own" dream. Even though no one knew about it, this success made me happy. It's not for the applause of others. I said ok, I'm on the right track. My dream is my "own" dream. Even though no one knew about it, this success made me happy. It's not for the applause of others. I said ok, I'm on the right track. My dream is my "own" dream.

      I'm still at the very beginning of the road. I don't know if I will be able to achieve my dream. But even if I can't fall and get up, I will never say I wish. Just feeling it is enough for me right now. I also know very well that if my dream comes true, it will describe me completely. She will say to those who ask, "I am the dream of a woman who works hard, puts her ear to everyone, loves to learn and teach, she is such a woman." 

      Deal with life instead of fighting, then ask. You may not get what you want. Don't forget that too. It's good to chase after things, too. Even if you don't own it. However, I believe that if you want something very much and work hard, it will be yours. I wish you to have the most beautiful apples…

Blog Introduction

Hello. I'm Aysima Sarımaden. I am 23 years old. I graduated from Balıkesir University, Department of Economics. Finding a job is a difficult and painful process. After graduation, I worked as a waiter for six months and as a staff member in the planning of the factory for a month and a half. Finally, I joined the caravan of the unemployed again. This period gave me the opportunity to start a blog and be interested in it. Actually, it was something I wanted for years but always put off. Now I said why not. I already love to write. So what am I writing? Overly emotional people have a habit of obsessing over every event and making life miserable for themselves. That's exactly how I am. So what should I do to be good? In my blog, the answer to this question dominates. As in my first article, "10 Steps to Feeling Good", I will talk about ways to feel happier in my other articles. I will share with you what I do, what I eat, what I read to save myself from it when I fall into despair and have difficulties. I will tell you what I have experienced and think is good for me. I wish you to be happy, to strive to be, and I look forward to meeting you in the comments.
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