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My Trip Plans

 Blog Name:  My Travel Plans

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Hallo zusammen,

we had already started our trip to Germany. Of course, Cologne could not be missed on this route. From Düsseldorf, we pass to another lively city of Germany, Cologne, for an average of 10-15 EUR in 25 minutes by train. If you want to visit all the places of Cologne, you should spare 2-3 days, but we tried to be content with 1-1.5 days because we did not have much time. Click here

for Düsseldorf Travel Guide First of all, let's take a look at the transportation information for those who want to come directly to Cologne. Cologne Bonn Airport - City Center Transportation

There are direct flights from Istanbul to Cologne as well as to many parts of Germany. Your journey takes approximately 3 hours. However, if you, like us, intend to combine your Cologne trip with other cities in Germany, there are direct flights from Istanbul to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

International Cologne Bonn Airport is located about 15-20 km from the city center. Although there are many transportation options from the airport to the city center, suburban trains are still the most preferred.

Train: To reach the city center, you can use the S13 and S19 trains, which cost 2.8 EUR one way. If you will continue to use public transport in the city, you can also get a daily transport card for 8.50 EUR.

Taxi: Taxi costs around 30-35 EUR depending on the traffic situation.

Eating -
Drinking Sausage Himmel un Aad, made with a special sauce made of onions, apples and mashed potatoes, Flönz, a type of sausage unique to Cologne, Rievkooche, which is made with carrots, potatoes, onions and applesauce, originally made from horse meat but nowadays Don't leave without trying Rheinischer Soorbrode, a traditional Cologne dish that is preferred to be made from beef, Röggelchen made from rye that looks like a small bread and served with local cheeses, its famous beer Kölsh and its magnificent Cheesecakes made with Quark cheese.

Blog Introduction

The intense work pace brought by the capitalist system and the only 14 days of leave we deserve at the end of the year to get away from this pace a bit encouraged me to ask myself the question of how I can color my life, and as a result, to open this blog.

In fact, many people's dreams are to travel the world, see natural beauties, different lifestyles, taste traditional dishes; but we can't spare any time from our busy work schedule. I stopped postponing this dream and started to make plans, even if they were for short vacations, and realize them. As the Dalai Lama said:

“Once a year, go to a place you've never been to before.”

The goal was starting to come true for me. Goethe:

“The traveler travels not to arrive, but to discover.”

His word became my motto.

my trip%2Bplans

Before going on a trip, how is transportation provided at the destination, where to see, what to eat and where to eat, what our route should be... we research them for a long time.
Unlike other travel blogs; By saving the visitors from this trouble, I started to make the trip plans that I had prepared by experiencing it myself. First of all, I prepare these plans as a draft before traveling, and I share them with you by making the necessary updates when I return from the trip.

I do not make my writings sketchy, but based on the specific must-see places of each city to visit. In the future, I will be preparing the plans of the cities you will travel in line with the demands of you, dear readers.

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There are travel plans.
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