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Mother's Princess

Blog name :  Her Mother's PRINCESS

Category :  Mother-baby (Can be on personal issues)

Blog link:  https://esilammm.blogspot.com.tr/

Blog Introduction

First of all, I want to say hello to everyone. My name is Ozlem. We can also call it Özo, as my fans call it. I came to the world on August 1, 1989 in the İnegöl district of Bursa. I am the youngest in the family. In idiomatic terms, I am a winner.

I love laughing, talking, people so much. I am just as strict. I can never come to injustice. I count my bullshit. But I am not tactless. I hate taking orders. Your request is my first and last choice. I am someone who still loves all kinds of games even at this age. Including football and marbles. I was interested in running and basketball in primary school. I also played licensed volleyball in middle school and high school. Even though I had to postpone it because of my daughter, I love to read books.

I have always been a hard worker throughout my school life. I even took part in private classes because of my success in classes. In high school, I went to the most recommended school, namely Health Profession - NURSING. Although I started lovingly, I could not fulfill my profession because I could not stand people's suffering. And on top of that, I chose sales consultancy, which is a profession that I will do with a smile. I really enjoyed doing it for 3 years. I think I am a good marketer. He is sincere and sincere in my dialogue with people.

the princess of her mother%2B

In September 2014, I married the man with whom we bestowed 2.5 years on each other. I have a happy and loving family. We crowned this beautiful marriage with our 9-month-old princess, our fairy of life, whose life we ​​dedicate our life to. 4 years ago, I saw a baby with blue eyes, white skin and around 6 months old in my dream. A few months ago, I realized that the sweetest girl in my dream was my daughter. It was my little angel who inspired me to open my blog.

Although my blog, as the name suggests, is based on mother and baby, I can also talk about any subject that comes to mind in my blog. Being a mother-baby block doesn't mean it's only for mothers. Since everyone in this world is a parent-to-be, I think I appeal to the whole audience. Writing means pouring out my inner self for me. And I expect you, my dear readers, to collect what I have poured out one by one and to support me. You will go to different places while reading. Please get on Aladdin's flying carpet and start my journey in the blog world with pleasure.

You may be exposed to a lot of smiles due to the crazy production. But don't worry. This disease does not kill, on the contrary, it keeps us alive. You can be sure that I will value each and every one of you and answer your comments in the best possible way. And you can trust my articles until the end. I don't share anything I don't believe in on my blog for a dry crowd. If it were up to me, I would tell more, but I don't want to write at length and put you in a publicity  crisis  . And I wish you all to raise your babies with this philosophy…


  • First of all, my biggest wish is to help me on my blog. In this project, which I set out with the slogan "The gift from the heart of my volunteer mother", you can be a mother to other children as well. As you know, our children grow up very quickly and everything we take care of remains in our hands. All you have to do is to share the information (content of the item; trousers, sweater, etc., age of the item, the city where it is located) of the items you have that are too small for your children (it is definitely not old) and that you can't bear to throw away, under the article of that article. The person in need will contact you via e-mail. In this way, we will both continue the old tradition and everyone will be able to benefit from this mass change of clothes. You, too, will be able to reach people who can truly evaluate them. Especially when people from the same city find each other, It can also be a good approach for getting to know each other. If these gifts are to be sent to someone in a distant city, the cargo system will be used. You can even send your gifts to orphanages who contact us. My purpose here is only for HUMANITY, both for the doer and for the field.
  • My other project is; "Sisterhood of Lullabies" Our  mothers with beautiful voices should compile the lullabies they sang to their children as at least 15 lullabies and make a CD. And again, let them share their e-mail addresses and cities under the article I wrote with this title. Our friends in need should contact these people via e-mail. If they like the CD promotion in the form of a video, let them get it at the agreed price with the option to pay at the door. The more different and your own lullabies, the greater the demand. Our aim here is to offer different lullaby options for mothers who do not have a beautiful voice like me, and to provide additional income for our housewives. 

I hope you like my blog and read it sincerely. I want you to know that I will be proud to see your comments. I would like to end my article with my blog slogan again.

An article from the blog:

Kids Don't Like Milk?


I was invited to tea with a friend yesterday. Since it was afternoon, her children were at home. I also wanted to buy something 'harmless' and delicious for them to enjoy. Along with small snacks, I bought packaged milk of my favorite brand from the market. Since it is consumed a lot in our house, I take the milk automatically now without thinking.

When I got to their house, I was quite surprised when my friend thought that I had bought the milk for myself while emptying the bags. It turns out that children "do not like" milk. This is actually what he said, but without saying anything there, I asked him if there was anything sweet in the house such as honey or cocoa. I took the cocoa bag in my hand and started to prepare the cocoa milk prepared by my mother.

In my opinion, when children don't like a food, a food, it's not a real idea, it's the result of an influence or a compulsion. In other words, if you force the child to eat or drink, that child may not consume that food again. That's why it is necessary to let the children go free, not to be bored, and to make them like that food in a different way.

When they had their cocoa milk and snacks ready, I called them and immediately made up a story about the milk. The result is clear; they drank their milk. It's more about how you do it than what you do. One understands the importance of marketing from here. My friend is of course confused.
When we chatted, he shyly said that he didn't want to use packaged milk much. When I asked why, he said that it has low nutritional value. He said that he did not research this either, it was entirely his own idea. Come on then, I said. Instead of gossiping or talking magazines, I said let's research it. We wandered for 1-2 hours in domestic and foreign sites. The results surprised me as much as they surprised him because I learned a lot of things I didn't know. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend for making me learn new things.

First of all, packaged milk was definitely safer and healthier, as it was controlled and controlled compared to the raw milk currently floating around. Packaged milk undergoes heat treatment in accordance with the Communiqué on Heat Treated Drinking Milk and is produced in facilities approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.


It turns out that heat treatment is a method applied to all milk worldwide. The purpose of this was to completely remove factors that could pose a risk of serious disease in humans. In addition, it does not suffer from any loss of nutrition and vitamins in its content. So my friend's opinion was wrong. If we did not investigate, if we did not question, he would continue to believe a wrong idea.

By the way, I would like to add a very, very important piece of information in case anyone uses raw milk. You know, milk sold in the open, which is offered for consumption as raw, is sold on the street, in front of shops, at store doors. Well, of course, the cold chain will also bring justice! Since the cold chain cannot be provided in these milks, the total bacterial load increases during the transportation process until it reaches the consumer. In order to remove these harmful microorganisms, it is boiled in homes for a long time in an uncontrolled way, and therefore, vitamin-mineral losses are higher than packaged milk.

Let me tell you, don't buy milk from everywhere, don't buy raw milk, don't take the uncontrolled milk into the house by saying it's natural. Do not condition your children because they do not like him or not. Just know what to present and always give your child a chance to try and love new things. Let this experience be an example and a lesson to all of us.
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