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Blog Introduction

Hello everyone, I am the owner and author of melanmelblog. I love to travel , explore,

and try new and different things. I especially like to share these experiences with the people around me. Of course, in addition to these, one of the most important things that drove me to this job was that my environment trusted my taste, especially in fashion, and they consulted me frequently on this subject.

Although my blog is very new, the fact that I have followers who are eagerly waiting for my next article

makes me more excited and enthusiastic on this path. In addition to the products I use and research on my blog, I would like to share with you everything about fashion and my experiences abroad. Due to my connection with abroad, I constantly travel to different countries. I intend to introduce you to my experiences, suggestions, fashion trends, shopping and cosmetics products that have not yet been discovered in Turkey and to share these products with you by drawing regularly.

Even though I don't want to go beyond my goals, I will take into account the different suggestions made. One of them will be on the balanced diet, which we are starting to prepare for now. I will examine the weight loss products sold abroad for you, and with the support of a dietitian friend, I will share small tricks and practical detox drinks that you can prepare at home.

Being a blogger is not just a hobby for me, I want to take firm steps on this path and

launch my own brand in the future. I have different works on this subject besides blogging. I know my destination is not far away. And thank you very much for supporting me on this way to my goal... I welcome you to my page. I hope I will be of use to you and we can all be a big family together...

A snippet of blog content:

We know that plants, fruits and vegetables have a lot of benefits for human health. But it also has benefits for our beauty. I would like to briefly talk about the benefits for our skin.... Before that, I will talk about which vitamins and minerals are good for what, because the important thing is that you don't use vitamins according to which result you want to get..


IRON for smooth skin
CALCIUM for strong hair, nails and skin
VITAMIN A for healthy skin and eyes (found in yellow, orange and green vegetables, egg whites, liver, butter and fish oils and used for its anti-aging effects.)
VITAMIN C is necessary for the formation of collagen in the skin (When used superficially, it helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, as well as in the treatment of sunburns. )
VITAMIN E protects the skin (When applied superficially, it helps to moisturize the skin, provides softness and smoothness.)
BETA CAROTINE smooth skin

You have identified the vitamins and minerals you need above. Now let's see which fruit contains which vitamin... You can consume them more and you can even create your own mask and cream in this way.... Pineapple Iron, Calcium, Vitamins A, B, C strong, smooth skin APPLE A, B1, B2 Vitamins C and E, nearly 20 minerals protect the skin and keep it young, and the fruit acid in it is a natural cleanser. When we eat an apple, the minerals in it make our cheeks red. BANANA, Vitamin E, Rich mineral and folic acid are nourishing. Protects the skin and keeps it young. PEAR Beta carotene, vitamin C


It ensures that the tissues are strong, which creates a smooth skin.
Blackberry High amount of Vitamin C

Repairs peeled and worn skin.

Fights against acne and is a good cleanser.
GRAPEFRUIT Vitamin C, Calcium

Creates a tight skin texture.
RASPberries Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C

Creates a strong skin texture and a stretched skin.
CURSES Many vitamin properties Vitamin C Makes

the skin look beautiful.
LEMON Vitamin C

Creates firm, youthful skin. It makes the skin glow.
CHERRY Vitamins B1, B2, A and C. It

is an ideal beautifier in every respect.
KIWI Vitamin C The

skin remains young and beautiful for a long time.
NUTS Vitamin E

Provides a young and soft skin.
RED VEGETABLES Beta carotene, vitamin A

Prevents damage and premature aging.
GREEN VEGETABLES Plenty of Vitamin A

Helps the skin to produce new cells, reduces dryness, brightens the skin and makes it look younger.

I would like to share with you a few masks below that I have heard of those who have seen the effect even if I do not apply it myself. Of course, these mixtures are not a magic wand, of course, you cannot get results in one application. I would like to remind you that it is applied regularly in order to get results .


Fresh yeast is crushed with 1 tablespoon of milk. It is applied to the eye area and décolleté by massaging from bottom to top. We apply it again 20 minutes after washing. We will wash it with warm water and shock it with cold water last. This application makes a lifting (face lift) to the skin.
In addition, 1 spoon of fresh yeast is mixed in milk until it is dissolved and drunk. This strengthens hair and nails. ( Vitamin B )


We pass the quince through a juicer and mix it with egg white and apply it on our face. After 15 minutes, we peel it off and remove it from our face. It is a useful mask for clearing blackheads and acne.


Grate 1 zucchini and squeeze out its juice into a bowl. We mix 1 tablespoon of strained yogurt (or regular yogurt), 4-5 drops of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of baking soda (natural glycolic acid) into the pumpkin juice. We apply on hands, face and décolleté. After 15 minutes, the skin will absorb this mixture and apply it again. We will repeat the application process 3 times and finally we will rub it as if we are making a pouch. It has to be repeated every day.


If there are 2 drops of lemon, 2 drops of honey, 2 drops of olive oil in the cream, red grape juice is mixed and applied to the face. We apply this process before going to bed and leave it until the morning. In the morning, we wash it off with warm water.

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