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I'm Rose Bunch. I am a person who likes to read, research, learn new things and share them with my environment. My biggest passion is writing. Previously, in my spare time, I tried to improve this ability by writing articles for various sites. In this way, I realized how many opportunities the internet environment offers in terms of self-expression and revealing their skills, as in every other subject. I saw how easy it is to convey my experiences from life to someone through writing. For this purpose, I have created a blog site where I include topics that will attract the attention of women. In the beginning, I was both very enthusiastic and quite a novice. I wasted a lot of time dealing with the general appearance rather than the content of the site. For a long time, I took a break from writing due to lack of time. When I have enough time and opportunity to write again, but this time, I decided to handle this job more professionally. At the moment, I take care of my blog as much as I can, and I monitor its growth and development as if it were my own child.

In my blog, as I said at the beginning, I mostly include topics that will attract women, such as skin care, hair care, healthy eating and weight loss. While doing this, I take care that my posts are completely original and up-to-date, rich in content, and appealing to people from all walks of life who visit my site. The common purpose of my posts is to help women choose the most natural methods while fulfilling their desire to stay young and look beautiful.

While I try to keep my blog up to date, I also look for ways to promote it. First of all, I would like to thank www.blogumutanit.com, which came across me at this point and allowed me to get ideas on many issues. I am waiting for all the friends that my promotional article reaches to my site. I return the same to everyone who follows and comments. I would be very pleased if there are friends who have positive or negative opinions about my blog. 

Many thanks in advance to everyone. Stay with love.

Part of the blog content:

Weekends are generally pleasant times when all family members have the opportunity to be together. Therefore, Sunday breakfasts have a special importance. Who doesn't want a pleasant breakfast on a wonderful table prepared with care on the weekend, after hasty snacks during the week? At this point, the rush to prepare different and delicious breakfasts begins. Usually, the Sunday breakfast tables are enriched with the usual delicacies such as fried potatoes, menemen and eggs with sausage. Apart from these, ladies who want to make their households happy by preparing different, practical and delicious breakfast dishes can try the recipes I will share here:🍎 Fluffy Pies:

Also known as rusks in some regions, bagels are an ideal breakfast suggestion, especially for crowded families. You can make a lot of cake with very few ingredients. Especially if you have small children, you will see how much they will love the fluffy bagels.

Ingredients required for the pastry:

1 egg
2 tablespoons of yogurt
2 tablespoons of oil
salt, baking powder
2 glasses of flour
1 glass of water Plenty
of oil for frying

Preparation of Fluffy Cookies:

Break the egg and whisk it well with the yoghurt and oil. Slowly add some of the flour and mix. Add the remaining flour and add warm water until you get a soft consistency. Add baking soda, salt and a little granulated sugar. Let's knead all the ingredients well. We need to obtain a smooth dough that is as soft as an earlobe. We can adjust the amount of water or flour accordingly.
Let's divide the dough we have made into three or four pieces. Let's roll each meringue in our hands and thin it with a rolling pin on a floured counter.

The point to be noted here is that the dough should not be rolled out too thin. If it is too thin, the pastries will not rise and become dry. Therefore, it is sufficient for the phyllo dough to be half an inch thick.

Then cut the phyllo into transverse strips. Let's cut the strips lengthwise again to form square-shaped pieces.

In the meantime, let's heat the oil and start frying the pancakes. In order for the pancakes to rise well, the oil must be hot and rise as soon as it is poured into the pan. At the same time, shaking the pan back and forth and moving the pancakes in the oil also allows them to swell and get a fluffy look. Fry both sides and remove on paper towel. When we have fried and completed all the pies, we can serve them hot. We can serve it with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and jam.
Bon appetit

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