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Life With My Little

Blog Name:  Life with My Little

Category:  Mother&Child Blog

Blog Link: https://minigimleyasam.wordpress.com/

Blog Introduction


  I'm Selin Capt. My blog will complete its 3rd year in November; As the name suggests,  I am the owner of minigimleyasam.com , which is inspired by life with children . I started writing when I found out that I was pregnant with my son. I am now pregnant with my second son and will continue to write about my experiences and memories of life with two children. 

  Why Mother&Child blog? If you want to say, after I learned about my pregnancy, I started the period when I felt the most research and information hunger of my life. Gathering good memories of this period and sharing information that other mothers can benefit from made me feel very good. Thanks to my blog, I met valuable bloggers. I met nice people. 

Part of the blog content:

.com/-tZPXYecII74/WePKsK58uQI/AAAAAAAAcns/7j-M8Pb68u8UFXWT4pjif19mVoh0FqXoACHMYCw/ .

1f53c3 tablespoons of olive oil
1f53cHalf a kilo of oyster mushrooms
1f53c1 tablespoon of butter
1f53cBlack pepper
1f53c 2 teaspoons of finely crushed garlic
1f53c1 teaspoon of thyme
1f53clemon, 3-4 drops of apple cider vinegar, parsley

Fabrication :

Wash and chop the mushrooms as shown in the picture.
Lay the washed mushrooms on a paper towel to absorb their water.
Heat a large Teflon pan and add olive oil to it.
Drop the mushrooms in the pan that is heated on low heat and make sure that each mushroom finds a place in the pan. (If it overlaps, it leaves its water, we want it to remain juicy) We
should not turn it until the mushrooms left in the pan have a fried appearance. After one side is browned, let the other side brown.
Do not turn the mushrooms frequently, otherwise they will release their water and a dry mushroom can be sauteed.
If necessary, you can add 1-2 more spoons of oil.
When all the mushrooms are cooked (Cooking should last until the mushrooms turn brown), add the butter to the mushrooms and add salt, pepper and garlic respectively.
After the garlic changes color, add thyme, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and cook on low heat until the vinegar evaporates.
Sprinkle the parsley last and mix.
Transfer to a hot plate and serve while hot.
Bon appetit now 1f60d

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