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Let's Stay with Art

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Movie's Tagline:

Director: Nicolas Bedos

Oyuncular: Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet, Doria Tillier, Fanny Ardant, Pierre Arditi, Denis Podalydès

Genre: Comedy, drama, romance

Duration: 115 minutes

Country: France, Belgium


Time travel has been a subject that has puzzled mankind for many years. When we look at the history of cinema, we can see that many different films have been shot on this subject. Back to the Future ,  Groundhog Day ,  Midnight in Paris ,  About Time ,  Twelve Monkeys ,  The Butterfly Effect  and  AROG will be among  the first movies we will remember on the subject. While watching these interesting films, you have no doubt thought about whether time travel is possible. La Belle Époque (A New Beginning) released in the past weeks  The movie also offers a very nice experience to moviegoers with its interesting and heartwarming story. Before moving on to the evaluation of the film, let's take a brief look at its subject.

The film, which made its world premiere at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival last year, met with the audience for the first time in our country in Filmekimi 2019. Nicolas BedosWritten and directed by , Victor, who has difficulties in keeping up with today's life and is now in his sixties, is about to relive the time he met the love of his life 40 years ago, with the possibilities of an entrepreneurial firm that claims to offer its customers a realistic experience of any period in history. Being able to go back in time and be together with first love again. Victor, the main character of the movie, who is in his sixties, comes across just such an opportunity. With the support of a private firm, he returns to the most meaningful period of his life, 40 years ago, when he met the love of his life. With the help of a professional actress, make-up, historian and crew of course. This sweet romantic comedy is the second film by French actor, playwright, theater director and comedian Nicolas Bedos. This hidden star of the Cannes Film Festival,

The production, which makes the audience say, "If it's going to be a romantic comedy, let it be like this" after the movie is over, the production more than does justice to its genre by making different emotions live together quite intensely. Struggling with many problems in his life, which is not the same as before, and forgetting to enjoy life, Victor's excitement of returning to his youth with an opportunity reveals a warm, sweet and emotional story in the film. Rather than treating love and romance like an ordinary romantic comedy movie, the film, which succeeds in processing with a beautiful production in a way that is the opposite of the simple story fiction of the genre, leaves the audience with feelings that will not last for a long time.

The fact that the movie will tell something different is clearly revealed with the opening scene. The film, which begins its story in a very interesting and surprising way, unfortunately cannot convey the preparation process of the story it wants to tell in the first 10-15 minutes, unfortunately. Although the presence of almost non-stop dialogues and relatively complex plotline do not give hope for the following minutes of the movie, instead of a simple process, the movie gradually finds its rhythm from the moment we enter the main story, and the tempo feet are more firmly on the ground.

Victor, who worked as a cartoonist in a newspaper years ago, loses the importance of his job due to the loss of blood in the traditional media, and the problems in his marriage cause him to have unhappy days. Victor's life is deeply affected when he emerges as a good deed that will make him happy and make him live the second spring of his life after many years. The day that changed his life in May 1974, on the set of a big production, is starting a completely different process in Victor's life, with the same events being experienced by him. The fact that this adventure, which started for one day, is seen by Victor as a savior angel and then wants to live the days that follow, leads to a conflict between real life and what we can call a kind of simulation.

The emotional transitions in the story of the movie are fictionalized and processed in a quality that we cannot get used to in the genre. Contrary to simple romantic comedies, most of which are told by holding on to the safe branches of comedy, we witness the emotional side of the story in this movie, especially in the last quarter of the movie. This turns the film into a work that starts with comedy and ends with drama, and moves it between genres. There is no doubt that one of the biggest factors in the success of the movie is the acting. Daniel Auteuil ,  Guillaume Canet ,  Doria Tillier The performances of the trio that make each other jealous are blended in a magnificent harmony in the story and it gives you unforgettable moments to watch. The fact that there is another set in the movie also raises the movie in terms of production, creating a rich production that we are not used to seeing in independent films. The success in the use of music is also positioned in the film as an important factor in conveying the emotion of the story to the audience. The film, which makes you laugh while making you happy, and makes you think while making you sad, almost brings a section of our lives to the silver screen.

My rating for the movie is 7 out of 10.

I wish you all days full of love, peace and art.

NOTE: This article was also published on the “Pera Cinema” website.

Blog Introduction


First, let me tell you how I got into this exciting business. I am a 2nd year student at Yeditepe University Public Relations and Publicity. Instead of taking the final exam for the course, our teacher asked us to open a personal blog and asked us to write articles about a field we are interested in. This is where my blog adventure started. First of all, I opened my blog, but the important thing was what topic I would write on my blog. I decided to write about the books I read, the movies I watched and the theater plays and I wrote my first article. The articles I wrote at the beginning were a little short, but the length of my articles increased day by day and became what it is today. It seems like I'm getting through the amateur period little by little now, but my most important shortcoming was not being able to reach many people.

%2Bkalalim%2Bblog%2Bpromotion with art

My purpose for establishing my blog: Everyone has a hobby that they are interested in. Some of us are also interested in cinema, books, theatre, opera, ballet, theater, or any one or more of them. At this point, I will present you my opinions and suggestions about the fields that I am also interested in, and in the articles I write, I will also give descriptive information about a movie I watched, a theater or a book I read. A country where everyone is interested in at least one branch of art is my greatest hope, and I sincerely believe that such initiatives should be the beginning of this. We should not forget that, as Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK said,  "A nation without art means that one of the lifebloods of a nation has been severed."
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