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Blog Introduction


who am I? I want to start with the question.

My name is Şevket Koray, I was born in my hometown Çankırı Ankara, I grew up in İzmir. :) Our people are not civil servants, but we traveled for various reasons... We have been living in İzmir for about 30 – 35 years. I completed my entire teaching life in this city. If you ask where did writing, in other words blogging, come from? Let me explain it like this:

After graduating from high school, I worked at my uncle's printing house for a while. Advertising, graphic design, writing, in short, manual labor, and of course the smell of ink.

I had to leave this profession for various reasons and continued in the food industry. I have been in this industry for 19 years. Of course, it was always my dream to do something, write, deal with advertising. Starting from here, I started to do research. It was many years, that is, 2010, that I met Blogspot.

My first blog is pcpedi technology blog. In this blog, I wanted to follow the technology and share new news, but research and publishing was left unfinished because I couldn't make time for it. In the following years, I wanted to try again, and I founded my blog, which I called korayblog, with the slogan "whatever there is about life".

I have been working on my blog for 4 years, where I mostly try new themes, plugins and articles.

On my blog, which I intend to continue with a more professional article series this year, you will find various blog plugins, movie reviews, technology section articles that I have compiled from pcpedi. I hope you will like it.

An article from the blog content:

Things to Consider in Home Economy

What are the topics we should pay attention to in home economics management? We will try to analyze it in this article.

  1. Fixed costs 
  2. food 
  3. Clothes
  4. Communication (mobile phone, TV subscriptions if internet is available)
  5. Health 
  6. Household appliances 

As I mentioned above, I will talk about the experience that I have researched and gained in the article.
You can be alone, with your family or newly married. You will definitely have a house where you can continue your life.
If you live with your family and their situation is good, that is, if the father and mother are working, if there is a good income and good management is displayed by the father and mother, you are lucky. In my environment, there is usually the support and responsibility of children.

Let's see what we can do;
First of all, we have to start by determining our income.
If 2 people work at home, if we calculate the average income from the minimum wage, in which case we have to stretch our feet according to our quilt. In other words, we have to cover our fixed expenses first and then focus on our special pleasures. Buying a new mobile phone, going on vacation, buying clothes other than our needs, etc. If we have to make good planning, we can search for other sources of income. Home crafting, blogging, article writing, etc. I will talk about this in another article. 

As a result, in today's conditions, income level determines the foundations of family subsistence. You may have heard a lot of news about this subject or the event that resulted in divorce in your close circle. 

You can leave your comments about how you plan your family budget. 

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