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I Have Words

Blog Name: I HAVE Words 

Category: Personal Blog

Blog Link: http://www.kelmelenenvar.com/                                                                                                          

Blog Introduction


Writing is my biggest passion. Maybe it's a very classic sentence... But if I had a current mind, I would have fed this passion that started in primary school as it deserved.

I received many degrees from composition competitions during my primary, secondary and high school years. Throughout the province and once across Turkey… My teachers even said that they believed I would become a famous writer one day.

I chose science and chemistry instead of literature and became a chemist.

I did not write for a long time. When you say marriage, children...

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Then I returned to business life in the private sector and decided to start a blog with the encouragement of a friend at work. That's when I saw that the words did not leave me, they waited patiently and longingly.

The name of my blog was "What Life Says" first... Then Gülcan Baran Turan... Now it became integrated with its meaning and became "I HAVE Words" which will not change from now on.

Personal blog, after all. I love to share and it feels great to get feedback.

In my blog, there are letters I wrote to my mother, a section that I call diary, my poems and essays.

I actually like to write literary articles. But since the blog world does not take it too seriously and the purpose is to share, I also write daily articles.

Today I renewed my theme and got the domain name Wordsvar. Now my blog's name and link are the same.

Come on okay; I wrote and drew, but sharing is just as important as these. At this point, I think bloggers should give each other the necessary support. Blogging is a profession. And we must work together to ensure that it is in the place it deserves.
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