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Ece Evren Blog

Blog Name:  Black Markets

Category:  Personal Blog

Blog Link:  http://www.eceevren.com/

Blog Introduction


  I am here to introduce you my blog. But first of all, I think I should introduce myself. I'm Ece Evren; I was born on August 20, 1950 in the Çumra district of Konya. Even in the first days when I started to notice the people around me, there was a very cheerful production. Due to my father's important duty, even though I could not socialize very much, I never spared my interest in people and the way they should be. I was very interested in theater, but more as an actor. During my high school years, the subjects I was most successful in were Turkish-Grammar and my father had enough knowledge to prepare a dictionary. Naturally, it was French that he taught us as well.

  I was a free spirited child. I submitted the composition assignments and signed most of the most beautiful writings that our teacher put on the board and read in the next lesson. I loved writing. I got married at an early age. After I entered the wheel of life, I constantly needed to evaluate the events I experienced, what was happening around me and in the society, from my own perspective. I thought about it and took notes. I recorded my resentment and anger in the love-oriented ones. But the world didn't revolve around me, of course. Being able to empathize was a gift from God. I would also write in anticipation of what they might feel in the heart of the person I was listening to. There are also my confessions that I wrote on behalf of my very close friends. I am a person who is aware of the responsibilities of being human. I think and ask as if there is a question being asked of me:

  There are hundreds of articles that I will separate according to their topics, evaluate them and collect them under one title. But I couldn't refuse someone I had known forty-five years ago, who had come a long and complicated way, fourteen years after I betrayed them and lost my wife. I fell in love with all my great words. And I wrote a book. For this reason, I met many valuable people in the blog I opened. My purpose has changed and I took my place in this medium with pleasure. I have not spared my comments, except for the ones I missed. Because I know how important comment is in influencing motivation. I share my articles and poems on my blog. Somebody me; I noticed someone too.

An article from the blog content:

Sea sparkle

The Magic of the Collar...

The moon gets its share from the sun and during the days
Dreams of coming out of the shadow of the world
Can't reflect your beauty
Until his body sheds its light generously from the heavens
That's when the magnificent feast begins

Although it does not illuminate completely like the sun
It shines in shadowless objects
Now like a diamond in the sky
All the stars boast.
halfway between the sun and the earth
Out of orbit with timidity
Sometimes he dances with joy...

He is the messenger of the Sun, in the black of the skies
The magnificent show begins at the full moon…
Some in the tears of lovers on the beach
In her blonde hair blown by the wind
In all fish dancing in the waters
Watching it shine and admiring
He sees his wealth and blesses him.
Leaving all your light in them
It will make them immortal.

When the time comes and the sun captures the hemisphere
He gets tired and comes to his side on his lamp
It's actually a feast for a few days
At that time of the moon, the sun will come possible
Sometimes he wants to draw the world in
In his rebellion the oceans, all the seas,
One pulls from the Earth, a back ancestor comes.

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