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 Blog Name:  Çağlablogu

Category:  Personal Blog

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Blog Introduction

Hello there !

I wanted to start with "çağlablogu". Let's not just throw it away and let it go just because it's a waterfall blog. Let's read, give good feedback and comments. As can be understood from my name, I am an amateur blogger who is the most immature and immature. My biggest wish is to grow with you and improve myself. I also have small wishes such as breaking a hit record, being read a lot and being loved a lot. 

I am a Yeditepe University Industrial and Systems Engineering student. As an important detail, I chose it fondly and willingly! After half a semester, I will graduate and finally I will be an industrial engineer. I have been approaching my life as a systematic whole for 4 years. I'm after seeing the famous "big picture" that our teachers talk about, improving processes and finding the optimal. I wholeheartedly believe in the "analytical thinking" bullshit in the language of all engineers.

As they say, a sweet tongue pulls a snake out of its hole, so I'm coming to get you, my dear readers, in whatever hole you're in with my sweet tongue. In my articles, I explain that engineering is everywhere and we cannot escape from it. By adding a different perspective to our daily lives, I invite you to think differently and broadly.

I love developing myself, learning and researching. I have a lot of fun singing a song and tweeting about angler matches.

I write poetry, so why not blog? I set out.

I can share everything I love, see, learn, and am interested in.

Well, I'll take a click of you now. Hoping to leave a handful of tastes when read…

An article from the blog content:

Art Engineering? write

Millions of things are going on in your head, you wake up with a new idea every day, right? Work work work work work...(Unfortunately, we can't understand the rest in real life as in the song)  . I decided to go down to his childhood. So let's look at the department I chose, let's question industrial engineering first.  "In his work, his special knowledge and skills in mathematics, science and social sciences are applied to engineering analysis  and design .

  Industrial engineers, who combine them with principle methods, determine and predict the results to be obtained from these systems, and  show an interdisciplinary approach  , work towards the efficient use of resources such as time, money, materials and energy and to increase the quality of engineering services. 
 Industrial engineering has a different structure and thought system from other engineering branches. The most important difference is that industrial engineering  works by considering the whole, not the part, and deals with the whole system.  The second important difference is that it takes the human factor into account in all kinds of applications For these reasons,  besides its relationship with the basic natural sciences, it is also intertwined with the social sciences."
I marked the parts that I liked and were important for me and I felt relieved that I am happy. I am happy, but it still feels like a part of me is missing. Now I paste the answer I usually give to the question "What do I want in the second step?" I want an active business life that I can establish. Marketing? Advertising or production?


This is where I'm starting to feel that a section is missing. Just as we came here from a time when the business department was doing wonders and taking storms, we may come to the end of the fact that engineers are more preferred.
Now, marketing engineer, sales engineer, brand engineer are among the most popular positions. I'm not sure if I've heard of brand engineer, but I think it's very compatible.

However, these engineers are not actually trained for this. But the sociability, passion, creativity, art, and different perspectives  in it bring you here at some point. How do we know that departments such as art engineering and creative engineering will not be very common in the future? Wouldn't it be great if we blended the right use of information, investigative approach, systematic thinking with advertising, media, and art? Of course, there are many people who can do this, but if we could learn them easily while we were at school?


We can step into business life with very different identities, even if it is not the positions I have just named. We can grow as people with a wider vision and brighter ideas, and we can extinguish our passion, creativity and desire to be different a little bit! I'm starting to listen to my song again work work work work work and I continue to think about this a little more...
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