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Between the Lines

 Blog Name:  Emre Bektaş

Category:  Literature Blog

Blog Link:  http://emrebek.blogspot.com.tr/

Blog Introduction

  As you know, blog is now a part of our life. Especially for people who are into social media and the internet. Creating and sharing a blog is now an indispensable element for people who discover the blog life. In addition, there are people who only like to read blogs. Thanks to the comments made by different people on the blog pages, where people share their feelings, thoughts and information, they have the opportunity to see their shortcomings and make up for these shortcomings.

 Two weeks ago , I decided to   open a blog and  share my poems with different people. Frankly, I owe my gratitude to my friend who put this idea in my mind last year when I had no such thing in mind. I learned the sentences I shared at the beginning of my article in the last two weeks.

 First of all, I started to share poems that I   wrote before  . It was kind of a trial period. Despite the comments and the attention it drew, I was going to follow a different path, and I can say that this is enough for me. After a couple of poems, I took the pen again and did my favorite work.

 The poems you write are read by people who don't know or know you, and receive positive comments, which once again encourages you to do your favorite job.

 Unfortunately, most people do not like to read poetry or read long articles. But my goal is to make poetry love again. This is the reason why I try to express many emotions with short poems most of the time.

 I think you will definitely find a piece of yourself in my poems, in which I reflect my experiences, feelings and perspective. I do not claim to be a poet. Poets are great people in my eyes and I have a long way to go, but you can call me  'the man who puts his feelings on paper'  .

I hope you will browse my poems and follow my blog with love. Thank you for taking the time to read patiently. 

A shot of the blog content:


In the neighborhood of my postponed sorrows 
One hand reaches the Throne 
the other on my collar 
Right in the middle of an endless adventure 
I'm thrown into the void 
I'm complaining about all this neglect 
in the mirror of my house 
And I'm out of mirrors 

Waiting by the stops 
roads by cities 
Clouds of dreams 
And with songs I collect hope 

One night 
Missing a morning
A longing to wait for a morning 
A wait roams the courtyard of my left pocket

Poems that dry my lips 
The books that dry the roses are new 
Hometown longing for you 

Extinguish more intense burning 
Cursing is more sin 
And a good morning heralds a brand new life 

Greetings to the life that puts its bitter sides in my bosom
hello shout out 
I wake up one morning 
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