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Blog Introduction

Loda blog is the blog of those who keep up with change and those who want change.

An article from the blog content :

Modern home decoration  is one of the most preferred styles recently. When both designers and those who want to have decorations want to make decoration changes without disturbing the structure of the existing areas, modern home decoration is also possible.  recommendations come to the fore. Modern home decoration will attract your attention with its easy applicability and functionality, especially in the changes you want to make without changing the architecture of your home. If you wish, you can preserve the original structure of the living spaces, or you can renew your home with a complete change. Touching classic areas can help you successfully use new ideas while preserving the vintage atmosphere of your home. You can get a more modern and impressive look by adding just a few pieces of furniture to a very bohemian terrace. The balance element, which is at the core of modern home decoration, allows this style to be applied easily. You can achieve a modern look without making major changes in your living spaces in 10 steps. 


Start with Artistic Touches

If you have a traditional or classical decoration, or if the architecture of your home has a heavy appearance, you can use artistic pieces to transition to modern home decoration without changing these big details. You can take a big step towards achieving a modern look in your living spaces by choosing modern artworks suitable for your existing furniture. The important thing here is to choose modern colors that match the colors of your existing parts. Gray tones, especially non-neutral gray tones, are the most frequently used colors in modern home decoration. You can take an important step for modern home decoration with artworks in which characteristic and modern colors such as gray, white, ocean blue, forest green come to the fore .  


Change Your Item Layout

There are stereotypes in traditional decoration. Arranging the books vertically, using accessories on the middle and side tables and taking care to keep them symmetrical are among the most stereotypical uses. Creating a mixed look with vertical and horizontal stacks instead of stacking the books vertically, turning to a small number of accessories with modern lines instead of using set pieces on each coffee table allows you to change the stance of your home in an instant.


Trust the Energy of Colors

For modern home decoration  , you may want to make the most basic change with colors. You can change the colors starting from small accessories, or you can play with the wall, floor and flooring colors for a more radical change. The important thing in modern decoration is the power and energy of the colors you use. While a vibrant red is a very modern color, red tones that approach a deep burgundy or wine color are so classic. When choosing colors, whether the color you choose is neutral or vibrant affects the look you will get. When you use bright colors with the right balancing colors, it is very easy to get a modern look. You can have a very stylish and modern look by combining colors such as mustard yellow and red with neutral gray tones.


Pay Attention to Color Layers

For modern home decoration  , you should use color layers as simply as possible. Mixed and moving patterns instantly fill your living space with the smell of chests. If you want to achieve a modern look in your living space, use color layers instead of patterns. You can try color layers on metal or glass materials. You can create layers more easily with the colors you will use on a material other than wood.

minimalist-decorationTouch Minimalism

The basis of minimalist decoration is the idea of ​​not including any non-functional items. While strict minimalism advocates ignore hobbies, interests and collections, your priority is always yourself in minimalism that you will reflect on decoration in daily life. Without having to part with the things you love, you should only get rid of the parts that don't make much sense to you and that you don't really need. If you have more classic furniture in dark or wood tones in your home, make sure these items are as empty as possible. A clean and tidy look will always be a good start for modern home decoration . This image is also effective in giving your classic furniture a much more modern look.  


Follow the World

Traditional decoration is different in many countries. Although the traditional decoration in our country often offers a more classical look, the traditional decoration trend in America is modern. When you go to Italy, when it comes to traditional decoration, the first thing that comes to mind is Mediterranean breezes. For this reason, you can examine the decoration ideas of different countries for a modern look. Whatever style you use, you can make that style look modern.


Indispensable Layers of Decoration

The most important feature of a successful decoration is that it has layers. When you use layers, you can be sure that your living space has a much more original and solid stance. The most beautiful windows cannot stand out without curtains, and the most elegant and quality pieces remain dim in a decoration that tries to be made without layers. Cushions or covers on seats; Carpets and rugs that you will use on the floor are the pieces that you can easily use to create layers in decoration. If you think that fabrics will not be used too much in modern decoration, you can achieve your layers with accessories. Lighting layers, accessories, and perhaps a more modern curtain preference, blinds help you achieve the layers you need comfortably.

study room

Make Unexpected Touches

In houses with stairs, it is a habit to place an elegant console or telephone stand at the end of the stairs. But to put an armchair at the end of the ladder is to be extraordinary. Try to think differently. If you have an idea ?it can't be like this? If it feels like it, you may need to think a little more about that idea. You can always achieve successful results by making moves that do not give people what they expect and surprise while doing so. One of the things you need for modern home decoration is courage. By making bold moves, you can have the modern look you want even in the most classic houses.  

Try Different Layouts

Putting two tables side by side, bringing your coffee tables closer to your sideboard rather than your armchairs, scattering your floor cushions, or hanging a mirror where no one will look. All this guarantees that you will have an extraordinary and remarkable decoration at the end of the day. When you think of modern home decoration, immediately remove the metal skeletons, dark and cold colors, low-energy pieces and a masculine image that comes to mind. When you think of the concept of modern, a very different definition comes to mind. While you can define the concept of modern with adjectives such as free, creative, original, extraordinary, different, do not try to adapt this concept to the patterns that came out of the magazines.


Play with Scales

Make choices that will help you play with the scales when choosing or renovating your pieces for modern home decoration. You will use sconce lighting, and you can use your preference for wall sconces the size of a chandelier. A single cocoon-shaped swing hanging in your living room can easily stand out among your furniture. You can achieve a modern look in the living area by using an excessively large piece in a certain area. Or, on the contrary, you can get a look away from symmetry and scaling by placing a small piece with a very vibrant color between normal or large-sized pieces.

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