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Blog Name: Decor Blog

Category: Decoration Blog

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Blog Introduction

Dekorblog is a home decoration website established to share inspiring home decoration ideas and colorful suggestions that make home life easier with its followers. Dekorblog  is a platform that provides information and follows the latest designs, news and new trends in the categories of decoration, furniture, accessories, home textiles and lighting.

The designs on the site have been added for promotional purposes only and we do not have a relationship with the brand owners. Decorblog, which aims to inspire its followers about many different  home decoration  styles and details, has been created by experts in their fields.

Decorblog, which aims to share innovative and trendy ideas with its followers in the name of home decoration, which is the common taste of millions of people, the products and images that it includes or promotes on the site belong to the brand owners. Decorblog, which aims to present decorative ideas that make life easier, home fashion trends and personal decoration suggestions brought by each new year, also includes valuable ideas, suggestions and decoration ideas of its followers on the site.

An article from the blog content

One of the most valuable considerations when arranging the living room is the harmony of the colors to be used and these colors. All items should be taken care of during decoration, and the color of the house, such as walls and floors, should be combined with furniture and accessories. The living rooms, which are considered as the main work of a house, are the largest area of ​​the house. It is almost like a showcase of the house. For this reason, importance is given to the decoration of the living room. This gives the room a unique look. Colors are one of the elements that make objects or decoration attractive.


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