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5 Ways to Style Shelves

We loved Jamie at Angloyankophile’s recent post on organising her bookshelves. Anyone who has a tome or two will know how they tend to stick with you, from move to move, and can end up looking pretty dull just slammed into shelves. Opinion is divided on sorting books by colour – I worry it would take me days to find the book I want, while my colleagues think aesthetics trump dull old alphabetical order every time. If you’ve got books with beautiful covers, or just colourful spines, why not take a leaf out of Jaime’s book, make your shelves into a rainbow wonderland – and report back on how it works for you 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy our selection of the best book-based homewares out there:

  1. For the true bookworm, a bedside mural 
  2. Keep your place with vintage cutlery bookmarkers
  3. Books collapsing? Call for a superhero
  4. Greetings card for fellow bibliophiles 
  5. The perfect bookshelf 


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