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How to be as a Blogger

Lifestyle blogging is more competitive and busy than ever before. So how can you ensure that your content stands out from the crowd?

One of the best ways to build a loyal, engaged audience is to create a blog that sings with authenticity. The bad news is that there are no short cuts to creating an authentic platform – it’s going to take some time.

It’s definitely worthwhile, though. In a crowded influencer landscape, audiences will flock to people they relate to. They want to see a genuine, real human being, not an all-encompassing content creator.

So how can lifestyle bloggers ensure that they are being authentic?

Live Your Truth

The Internet loves a good investigation and “outing” someone as being dishonest.  There will always be someone who will be overjoyed to dig out that comment you made about a dodgy restaurant, or a brand you didn’t like – and point out that your story doesn’t add up.

The only way to truly avoid this is to be scrupulously honest in your online journey.

Being authentic certainly don’t have to share everything, but what you do share should reflect your actual values and opinions. If you make a mistake or change your mind – own it. We’re all human, and we all learn as we go.

If you love French cookery and expensive boots and Ed Sheeran songs, don’t pretend to love nail polish and hair extensions for the sake of a short-term contract. Don’t be tempted into making a quick buck by promoting something that doesn’t fit with your story. It just might come back to bite you.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with your followers, sometimes.

Having the odd confidence wobble, or relationship drama makes you more relatable. That doesn’t mean you need to bare every scar and trauma in exchange for page views (unless that’s your thing) but it’s about being real, and approachable.

Be Passionate

The thing about the Internet is we live and die by trends. This week we’re all loving THAT dress or heading to the newest, coolest restaurant.

If you want to have authenticity, then don’t post about every passing fad or trend, regardless of your own interests. If you don’t really enjoy what you’re sharing on your channel, your followers will smell it a mile off. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t reflect YOU.

Need more convincing? Google LOVES a site with a strong niche. Posting regularly about the same sorts of things, that similar people are looking for, helps your site to rank well on YouTube, and is one of the best ways to grow social media channels. You don’t have to be everything to everyone!

Stay Grounded

One of the quickest ways to alienate followers as a lifestyle influencer is being seen to “lose touch” with the things that made you authentic in the first place.

Of course, as bloggers get more successful, they might earn more money, or get invited to fancier places. By all means share the occasional treat, but if your “authentic” brand is about High Street chic, or youth-oriented travel, your longevity may well rely on staying true to that story.

Don’t worry about sharing the odd trip to your local takeaway, or an amazing thrift store buy. Those are the things that drew followers to you in the first place.

Know Your Onions

Whether you’re writing about cookery or books or fashion, try to be informed about your own content. We have all seen lifestyle influencers who will take money to post anything – but they’re unable to explain much about the brand, or why they’re recommending it.

An authentic influencer is someone who is genuinely interested and expert about the things you post. If you review a product, put it through its paces. Ask questions. Wear that outfit. Read about that restaurant and the menu that the chef designed. When you know your stuff, it shines through and creates authenticity and credibility. That is a powerful combination.

Celebrate Success

There is a really lovely Buddhist concept called “Mudita” which is when you feel joy in other people’s success, rather than feeling slighted that you missed out.

In influencer communities, this is a hugely attractive quality.

Your followers don’t only follow your content – when you are genuinely and enthusiastically celebrating others’ achievements, you will become a positive influence. People are always drawn to a car crash, but they stick around when people make them feel better about the world.

What are your tips and experiences of creating authentic content as an influencer?

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