Founder and Managing Director, Sally Whittle


Flea Enterprises began in 2009, when founder Sally Whittle put together a list of 100 great Mummy and Daddy blogs on her parenting blog, Who’s the Mummy and named it Tots100.

A former technology journalist, Sally is a busy working Mum to her 12 year old daughter Flea (no prizes for guessing who our company is named after!). She is an experienced media commentator on all issues relating to parenting and social media, and has appeared in numerous TV and radio shows.

Eight years down the line, The Flea Network has grown to become an online community of almost 20,000 UK social media influencers, spanning four communities. Not to mention a subscription-based influencer outreach platform and a series of popular blogging events and conferences.

You can contact Sally by email at or on Twitter at @swhittle. Or give her a call on 07400 450 893.

Events & Admin Manager, Sarah Skellern

Sarah Skellern 

Sarah is our all-round Photoshop Genius and fix-it person in the Flea Network office. Sarah is responsible for password and scoring queries, along with a host of other duties including creating reports and tracking projects for our clients. When she isn’t working with us, Sarah is a Mum to two young boys, and blogs their story at Toby Goes Bananas. You can reach Sarah at or at The Flea Network head office on 01253 781 995.

Lifestyle & Social Media Editor, Lucy Smith

lucy flea network 

Lucy is the person responsible for maintaining our social media content across The Flea Network. She’s also our Lifestyle Editor, meaning she helps to plan and create network content around beauty, fashion and other lifestyle topics. Lucy wears black all day errr’day and is Mama to a wild child who wears ALL of the colours. Lucy blogs at Hello Beautiful Bear. You can reach Lucy at

Contributing Editor, Sally Allsop

sally allsop 

Sally is a new member of The Flea Network team, and is responsible for content on the Foodies100 and HIBS100 community sites. Sally once bought a t-shirt that says, “Ketchup Tomorrow, Relish Today” which sums up her views on life. Find out more by emailing Sally at

Contributing Editor, Tracey Kifford


Tracey is a former travel journalist who started blogging to share her family’s passion for taking cruise holidays! That site evolved into the family travel blog PackThePJs, which covers all sorts of issues relating to family travel and technology. As contributing editor, Tracey is in charge of planning content for our Tots100 (parenting) and Trips100 (travel) sites, which match her interests perfectly! Tracey is also very keen on dogs, dark chocolate and red wine! You can reach her at

Interiors and Style Editor, Alice Castle

Alice is actually a fully-fledged novelist and Mum of two based in South London. She’s also the Interiors editor for the Flea Network and is in charge of writing content about all things pretty – whether it’s a gorgeous nursery makeover on Tots100 or sharing some fabulous garden inspo over on HIBS100. You can contact Alice at

Admin Manager, Becky Foster 

Becky is your first point of call if you have any queries about your blog account, ranking, passwords or website access. You can reach her by email at

Communities Editor, Afra Willmore

afra willmore 

Afra Willmore is our communities editor, working with our regional Facebook groups and helping to organise regional influencer meet-ups for our community members. She’s a former journalist turned blogger. Mainly because she was fed up of commuting every day to write about damp flats and paying a nanny for the pleasure of it.

She spends far too much time on social media so is very glad she can call it work, is in danger of becoming a mad cat lady (according to her children) and would spend every second by the sea if she could. She blogs a Yes she actually has 7 children. Yes she has a TV- why do people always ask that?

Contributing Writers

The Flea Network welcomes freelance contributions from its members, please just drop us a line if you’re interested in featuring on our site regularly. We pay for all contributions to our site, and we’re always interested in great ideas, so if  you’re interested in working with us, then get in touch!